CKEditor Plugin

Math Editor to build equation and insert into html documents using CKEdtitor.

Demo Click on image to test it

How to install the Plugin ?

1. Download the plugin from:

2. In your CKEditor installation, in 'plugins' folder copy all 3 folders from zip file FMath-Editor, FMath-Graph and FMath-Function

4. Change config.js to add the plugin:

CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config ) {
	config.toolbarGroups = [
		{ name: 'fmath' },

	config.extraPlugins = 'FMath-Editor,FMath-Graph,FMath-Function';

5. About License: Buy a DOMAIN license for your website. All users will have the professional version.

6. Change the file to CKEditorFolder/plugins/FMathEditor/dialog/redirect.php to add your license and your secret key form your admin website:

 	$publicKey = "your-key"; 		// public key sent by email like VTY6X-AZF44-Q1KS8-EP555
	$secretKey = "your-secret-key";		// secret key from website need to login

The product have been tested for the following versions:
  • CKEditor version 4

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