Math Editor Suite - Professional Version

FMATH is the best solution to display mathematics on web pages using MathML. No server side processing. No saved data on our servers. ONLY Javascript. Run only in browser, on client side. No advertising. No pop-ups. No tracking code

FMath Editor Suite: Free Public School License for Professional Version
How will work for your school?
  1. You must have an email regsitered for the school like
  2. If the school is not registered, we will register the school
  3. We will check if the school is public (your website + government website).
  4. After approval, anyone with an email like can get a 6 months free license.
  5. If the school is registered, you will receive the license by email.
  6. With this license the 'student / teacher' can work in both: Google Docs and Microsoft Office.
  7. The 'student / teacher' can install the license for max 5 times.
  8. After 6 months, the 'student / teacher' can get another one, if still has a valid email from that school.