FMath Chrome Extension

A "javascript ONLY" solution to display MathML inside HTML.
Only put the MathML inside the HTML page and add this extension. The extension will convert MathML into an image (canvas) .

The best implementation for MathML, PIXEL precision for margin, padding, lines, spaces, component width and height, tables, rowspan, colspan,... 😀. NO server side process.

How to install on Google Chrome ?

1. Install the extension from Google Web Store.

2. Load a page with HTML + MathML.

Go to 'Test Page' to see how good is the implementation 😀. Add a review or comment if you like the component. There is a lot of work done.

For questions or bugs send me an email to

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What component can do ?

A complete implementation of MathML Presentation and partial implementation of Content Markup.

Very fast and a long list of chars and symbols for math but also for languages: Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, …. Try it.

Long list of my tests + stress tests and torture test from, and

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