Cross Browser Solution

A "javascript ONLY" solution to display MathML inside HTML for all browsers
Only put the MathML inside the HTML page and add this extension. The extension will convert MathML into an image (canvas) .

The best implementation for MathML, PIXEL precision for margin, padding, lines, spaces, component width and height, tables, rowspan, colspan,... 😀. NO server side process.

How to install ?

1. Download the zip distribution (aprox. 40M - with font files). Unzip it. You have an example page + all libs.

1. Add in your page.

					<script src="mathml-formula/fonts/fmathFormulaFonts.js"></script>
					<script src="mathml-formula/menu/basicContext.min.js"></script>
					<script src="mathml-formula/fmathFormulaC.js"></script>
					<script src="crossBrowserSolution.js"></script>
					<link rel="stylesheet" href="mathml-formula/fmathFormula.css">

Go to 'Test Page' to see how good is the implementation 😀. Add a review or comment if you like the component. There is a lot of work done.

For questions or bugs send me an email to

What component can do ?

A complete implementation of MathML Presentation and partial implementation of Content Markup.

Very fast and a long list of chars and symbols for math but also for languages: Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, …. Try it.

Long list of my tests + stress tests and torture test from, and

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